Jay Tripwire
Atonal Ascension
Date 31/01/2020

Availabe Now 

Get your Moteur running. Head out on the highway… And drive nonstop to Detroit, the spiritual stomping ground for everything that’s inspired Moteur Ville Musique, a label dedicated to the legacy, spirit and soul of the city’s powerful techno legacy.

Following releases from J Gabriel and Basti Grub comes this epic bounty from a man just north of Detroit, longstanding O.G., Jay Tripwire.

‘Atonal Ascension’ says it all; deep sonic washes, contemplative, dreamy, hypnotic. Classic Tripwire but with 2020 production mastery, and just a wry bit of hope laced into dubby ebbs and flows.

It’s backed by a dub mix from the man himself and two stone-cold remixes: Mike Shannon adds a sweet-shuffling kick arrangement and there’s some heavy hypno on the bouncing chimes deep in the weave. Certified Detroiter Mister Joshooa flips things with much straight, ploughing drum set that builds in steady layers beneath a much more glacial atmosphere.

For added ascension, head for ‘Baddest MFer’. Slower, moodier, sexier, prone to sudden jazzy switches, twists and turns and rocking on an unhurried break, it’s another smoking groove from Tripwire… and it comes loaded with a dub mix, too.