J Gabriel x Chuffing Buffy
Pretty Girls Don’t Dance
Date 22/11/2019

Availabe Now 

Pretty girls don’t dance… They glow. They glide. They thrill… Just like this release from newly-minted label out of Detroit, Moteur Ville Musique. For their second release, MVM enlists the services of New York’s J Gabriel, who collides with his unruly alter-ego, Chuffing Buffy for this split personality’s first EP together .Two aliases, two originals, two Detroit remixers (Delano Smith and Rick Wade) equals one fat package of groove-laden forward-facing house and techno.

We lead with the title track as J Gabriel’s more soulful keys get jitterbugged by Chuffing Buffy’s Music For Freaks-style bumps and grit. The result is a timeless jam that hits with just the right amount of sass and sleaze. Remix-wise Delano does what he does best; rolls out a juggernaut of dubby groove that ploughs deep into any mix, any dancefloor, any time of day or night.

‘Ritual’ follows. Once again there’s the same contrast of shades and vibes. A dark bouncing bottom end but an almost ethereal, floating top-end brought together with some catchy vocal chops, makes for a lavish swinging groove and a natural loose-limbed feel that screams Detroit to its very core. As you’d expect from Rick Wade, his remix is pure soul subversion. Soft keys, sunset feels and a rolling percussion line that lures you deeper and deeper into the dance, it’s a consummate conclusion that brings the EP together in style.

Moteur Ville Musique is dedicated to innovative electronic music and the legacy Detroit has indelibly left on our culture. Now two releases deep, it’s certainly living up to its name so far.