Basti Grub
La Notte
Date 27/09/2019

Available Now

Presenting the launch of Moteur Ville Musique – a new Detroit-based label, focused on releasing cutting edge House and Techno, from some of the world’s most celebrated artists.

Opening MVM’s first release, is Basti Grub’s “La Notte” – a deep rolling burner, featuring classy use of subtle vocal samples flipped to create a rhythm which sucks you into to the gluey beat and its almost hypnotic progression.

The second track “Psalm” is straight up punchy House, quirky percussion, intricate FX work and careful arrangement create an otherworldly robotic jungle vibe. The tracks transitions are subtly but carefully written to keep your feet moving.

For the first remix, the Grammy-nominated remixer, James Teej, puts a rocket up the relatively relaxed pacing of Psalm. Much more direct and building into a straight up banger, whilst HearThug and label co-founder Silent Revolt’s version takes thing into more stripped back and heavy territory. An eclectic beat-down where the bass drum is king.

This record has been a labor of love for Basti Grub over the few years, and you can certainly hear it in the finished product.