In a dance music industry flooded by copy-cats and so-called artists, all running the rat-race to keep up with what ever the “next hot sound” of the moment may be; it’s pretty easy to pick the true artists from the crowd these days. This is clearly the case when it comes to HearThuG. 

With a God-given gift that allows him to conjure up some of the wildest, twisted (yet still sexy and funky) grooves one can imagine, it’s no wonder the 26-year old Tunisian was quickly picked up by New York’s rapidly rising label, Stranjjur Imprint, who have already got him working in the studio with widely known artists such as H.O.S.H.; who co-produced “Technicolour” which has been included with rave reviews in DJ Mag’s “Killers” section, and named “one of the best records of 2012” by Sound Effect Magazine.
By the starting of 2013, HeaThuG introduced a new musical identity. One of his tracks L.O.V.E is Mysterious has been chosen to be part of My Favorite Robot records’ first Crossing Wires Compilation, along with tracks from Timo Maas, Jonny Cruz, James Teej, Fairmont, Alan Fitzpatrick and many more…By making his identiy a little more fluid he allowed himself to be part of My Favorite Robot records a second time for a remix he did for Villanova’s One Night, and a solo EP. Both got the appreciation of many producers, like Kasper Bjørke. He also released “Don’t rain on my parade a 3 track EP on DTD records which placed 18th on Beatport’s Top charts. A fourth time he comes up with a promising solo EP in 2014 released in collaboration with Darlyn Vlys on Steve Bug’s Audiomatique records.
Next, He released with no other than the spanish imprint, Sincopat, a solo EP named Büms/Yüth which included remixes from UNER and Darlyn Vlys. Yüth got played by many huge names like Joris Voorn and Sacha. 2015 was also filled with remixes, for My Favorite Robots, Climbers, AFFKT,Toni Varga… Next, HearThuG is releasing a Solo EP “Celestial Asterisms” on Faceless recordings with a remix from the great Timo Maas. The second track on the same EP “Invasion Of The Robots” was played many times by Maceo Plex on ENTER Festival.
With a world of endless possibilities at his magical fingertips.. HearThuG’s journey has merely begun and it sure will last.